Hello! My name is Franz. My style is classic and timeless, with an intimate, soft, and romantic touch. I believe that your wedding photos should be works of art, elegant and romantic.

Photographe mariage

What captivates me the most isn't just the final result of a photograph, but the entire process leading up to it. I enjoy anticipating, immersing myself in the atmosphere, perceiving emotions, and translating them tangibly. I'm constantly driven to adapt, innovate, and find the right and clear expression because the goal is always the same: to give my best every time.

I'll ensure that your photo session is documented in the most beautiful way possible. If the context requires me to blend in with you to capture an authentic moment, then that's what I'll do. If the lighting calls for a change of location and a complete reset, then that's what we'll do. My role goes beyond just taking pictures; I am, above all, the one who can capture the atmosphere and emotions of a day or a session so that it remains forever etched in your memory.


  • "Interstellar" by Nolan, the best film of the 2010s, and by far.
  • Starting eating a baguette right after buying it from the bakery.
  • The excitement when receiving scans of my developed film rolls.
  • Fruits, especially the "Tentation," the best apple on the market.
  • Going fruit and vegetable picking with the kids.
  • Returning to Japan, the motherland.
  • Opening the window wide at night when a thunderstorm rumbles.
  • Going outside with the kids and venturing far, sometimes very far.
  • The sea and wide-open spaces. Special mention to Italy and its landscapes.
  • Projecting myself into summer in the middle of winter and thinking about Christmas when it's 40°C in July.
  • Reconnecting with childhood friends regularly.